NewsBCC is a global news site that brings local news to you. BCC, as for Blind Carbon Copy aims to be your 2nd best News site. Why BCC? Bcc is the term for sending emails to a friend without the first recipient knows about it. Likewise with News, we want to bring you opinions from a broad network of sources, and not only the one you are reading regularly. We believe that by exposing the reader to many opinions on the same story, we will create educated community that accepts other opinions and diversity of approaches. Please share your appreciation of this site by linking to it, liking it or twitting about it.

Supported languages and markets:

Our team is investing a lot of time into adding more News resources to the site. If you are a news source that is not represented today, please write us and we would consider your request. We try to give a variety of sources in each language and country - to allow users to get exposed to as many opinions as possible. Nevertheless, we are not allowing offensive sources into our platform, as we strive to bring people closer together and not apart. The following Countries and languages are supported today, and can be accessed by clicking on the relevant link: